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A Journey in the Italian Gastronomic Scene

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From the Italian home classics and mom made favorites, still the most exquisite, delicate or eccentric flavors and trends, Dolceterra takes you a detailed tour to Italy, through characteristic products of the Italian savory repertoire.


Dolceterra translates to «sweetland» to imply our ode to the food treasures of Italy, the most distinctive representative of the Mediterranean quality dietary heritage.

Ingredients with anancestry 

In the heart of the sunlit Mediterranea, lies the secret of the Italian gastronomic legacy.

Regional ingredients with their unique perceivable quality and fully fragrant spectrum,inspired the fine creativity of passionate Italians to yield over generations a feast of tastes and creations that grant effortlessly to Italian cuisine its worldwide recognition.

Our Selection 

Dolceterra team has selected the most loved Italian products at their best version.

Amongst our collaborations some of the most antique regional producers, traditional workshops, vineyards with superior choice varieties and wineries of distinction. Partnering with small producers as well as manufacturers of excellence we choose with the wisest criteria, always engaging to assure quality.

We are native cannoisseurs

Raised spoilt for choice in the Italian flavors culture we grew enthusiastic to explore and share our passion. Our team of native connoisseurs and members accomplished in the arts founded Dolceterra in charming Verona back in 2000, the city of quality, rare picturesque beauty, and great history. We are proud to present you our project on Italian food, eager to satisfy novices/beginners in Italian cuisine and challenged to surprise the demanding expectations of sophisticated devotees of the Italian eating style.

Beyond Tradition ...ART 

Dolceterra art team pioneers in creating pieces of contemporary classical art. Unique designed pieces that bear traditional inspirations and fine materials to embrace the top quality of our products with the deserved care. Follow our collaborations and limited edition collections exclusively found at our online store.

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